Saturday, February 24, 2018

Assisted Riding (mounts)

This describes characters who, while able to purchase a horse and sit astride the horse for transport purposes, has little or no useful in mastering a mounted animal, most likely because their class training did not include this training.

In effect, the individual is a passenger on a mount that is managed by someone else, either a trained rider or an individual walking ahead of the animal and leading it. The speed with which this can be done is no better than a walk with most animals. A horse can be permitted an ambling gait (see Horse Gaits). This makes travelling by animal from place to place possible, but in general not a the speed that might be managed by a group where all riders are skilled.

Some animals, such as elephants or camels, must be led, and cannot be managed by another mounted rider. Most animals, such as horses, ponies or donkeys, can be led by a different animal, with a rope tied to the animal's bit. Very large, highly intelligent or aggressive animals, such as oliphants, pegasi, garuda, hippogriffs or griffons cannot be ridden at all with assistance. In the case of these animals, training is necessary.

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