Friday, February 23, 2018

Attacking in Combat

The mechanism for successfully striking and causing damage to an enemy combatant in my game is essentially the same as the 'to hit' & armor class system that exists in AD&D or 1e, as published in 1979. However, many changes have been inserted into that basic system in order to create a tactical system of movement, additional modifiers that take into account position, the potential to stun opponents so that they can take no action and so on.

The overall effect is to add choice to the player's choice of action in combat. While combat in my game is considerably more complex than the system advanced in the original DMG, it is also more satisfying and engaging, so that the time invested passes quickly and eventfully.

The purpose of this page is to provide details regarding facets of directly engaging the enemy and the effects from that. The links below describe the means of meeting the enemy, methods of combat and determining the inevitable outcome. It is a large aspect of the game and subject to many new and additional rules as they are proposed or as circumstances during game play demand further specification or provide unexpected precedents.

Armor Class
Attacks with Two Weapons
Charging on Foot
Charging while Mounted
Critical Hits & Fumbles
Dual Attackers
Entangled & Snarled Weapons
Grenade Missiles
Helpless Defenders
Hit Dice
Hit Points
Hit Points per Die
Line of Sight
Martial Music
Missile Ranges
Movement in Combat
Multiple Attacks
Multiple Defenders in One Hex
Necrotic Damage
Negative Hit Points
On Guard
Rear & Flank Attacks
Roll to Hit
Stun Lock
Using Found Objects as Weapons
Using Poisoned Weapons

(more content to follow)

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