Thursday, February 22, 2018

Cleric's Combat Abilities

With every level, clerics roll a d8 to determine their hit points. At first level, characters are presumed to have rolled an ‘8’ on the die, starting with ‘full’ hit points. Clerics also gain hit points for their body mass, which is rolled by the DM.

Clerics are able to wear any type of armor, including helmets and gauntlets.

Clerics begin with two weapon proficiencies. A new weapon proficiency is gained for every four levels above 1st.

As Clerics have not dedicated long hours to detailed combat training, however, they are limited to weapons that are neither edged nor designed for stabbing. Following is a complete list of weapons which a cleric may use:

For additional notes regarding these weapons, see the Weapons List.

Bolas are designed so that if thrown at humanoids, on an adjusted 20, the balls and rope will wrap around arms and legs; the creature so struck must make save vs. petrification or be helpless; otherwise the creature will be able to free itself in 2-5 rounds.

For missile weapons, thrown and hurl ranges are given below, in hexes:

See Cleric

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