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Cleric's Sage Abilities

This page describes the sage abilities that a cleric is able to possess.  Starting at 1st level, clerics gain one field and one study within that field. This reflects the knowledge that the cleric was able to gather while studying their religion within monasteries and libraries. This knowledge is then expanded as the cleric increases in level, for it is presumed that the cleric is naturally inquisitive, glancing through books, chatting with other persons along roads or at the inn, even if the character never expresses their intention to gather knowledge. Moreover, some of this knowledge, such as that pertaining to power and the outer planes, could be gained by the cleric through visions, dreams and other non-traditional sources.


The Church

Legends & Folklore


Theology & Customs

Having chosen a field and a study within that field, the cleric is awarded 12 knowledge points in the chosen study (which becomes a 'specialty'). The cleric then rolls 1d8 -1 for all other studies in the cleric's field, generating numbers from 0 to 7. Finally, the cleric rolls a d4 -1 for all out-of-field studies.

Upon gaining a level, the cleric increases specialties by 1d12 knowledge points. In-field studies are increased by 1d8 -1 points. Out-of-field studies are increased by 1d4 -1 points.

Once the cleric obtains 10 knowledge points in any specialty or study, the cleric becomes an amateur in that study. Once the cleric obtains 30 knowledge points, the cleric becomes an authority. Obtaining 60 points makes the cleric an expert, while 100 points makes the cleric a sage. Abilities and proficiencies enabled for each knowledge status may be found on the links for the fields and studies above.

At 5th level, and every four levels thereafter (9th, 13th, 17th, 21st, 25th and 29th level), the cleric gains an additional specialty from the cleric’s field studies (that is, within the cleric’s present field). At that point, the cleric begins rolling a d12 for additional level gains in that specialty. Suppose that a given field study rated 15 points at 4th level, the cleric having rolled 4d8 -4 up until then. At 5th, the cleric chooses that study as a new specialty; a d12 is then rolled (for gaining a level) and added to the original 15.

At 7th level, and every six levels thereafter (13th, 19th and 25th level), the cleric gains an additional field. All the studies in that field henceforth become field studies and increase at 1d8 -1 per level. Clerics may choose additional specialties from any field they possess.

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  1. You list elsewhere that the progression for amateur/authority/expert/sage is 10/30/60/100 points, respectively. Is this a misprint or do you intend to adjust all progression to follow suit?


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