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This describes the burden that individuals and working animals carry or draw, that in turn impedes how far they can move with regards to combat or travel. How much is carried will determine the number of a creature’s action points (AP), based upon the creature’s strength, weight and exceptional capacity. Effectively, the more that a creature carries, or attempts to pull in the form of a cart or wagon, or even a barge moving along a canal, the slower the creature will move. Once a maximum weight is surpassed, the creature will lose all AP and be unable to move.

The calculation is accomplished by using a simple excel calculator, which can be located HERE, on my wiki. Separate tabs on the calculator exist for determining the encumbrance for humanoids and for “cartage,” which describes how much an animal or animal team can pull or carry.

By example, the above table shows a halfling with a weight of 60 lbs. and strength of 13. These numbers are inserted on the left hand side (with a small table indicating the number if the halfling has an 18/percentage strength). Being a halfling, the character begins with 5 movement, or action points; if carrying up to 10 lbs., there is no penalty and the halfling’s movement is unaffected. However, as weight is added (rounding off), the penalty increases until the halfling is reduced to 1 AP. This shows a maximum weight allowance of 54 lbs. The halfling cannot carry more than this.

Another factor that can affect encumbrance includes submersion in water. If the character is weakened somehow, this will affect their movement through encumbrance.

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