Saturday, February 24, 2018

Hit Dice

Creatures that possess no levels of experience are measured by their ability to hit opponents according to their hit dice. See THAC0. Hit dice also contribute to the total number of hit points that a creature can possess. The table under Hit Points per Die refers to the 'hit die' that a creature possesses.

Therefore, a creature with 4 hit dice and a mass of 700 lbs. would 1d10 per hit die, or 4d10 hit points with an average of 22 total.

Hit dice should not be confused with experience levels, which are the measurement of the amount of skill or training a combatant possesses due to their experience. It must be understood that a single combatant can possess both hit dice AND experience levels - the former due to their biological units and the latter due to having gained experience. See Hit Points.

See Attacking in Combat

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