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Illusionary Spell Acquisition

Illusionists gain two forms of magic they can use, the cantrip and the spell. Each is gained as the illusionist gains levels.

Gaining Cantrips

These are of the power of magic 'tricks' - not expressly powerful but useful and occasionally very effective in combat. They are included to round out the illusionist character regarding role-playing. The types and number of cantrips which an illusionist begins with are listed in the table below:

See Illusionist Cantrips for a complete list divided by type. At first level, the character rolls the number of cantrips indicated in the second column and then chooses their cantrips from the lists found on the main Illusionist page.

As the illusionist goes up in level and acquires more spells, a random cantrip is also gained for each additional spell gained. If a type of cantrip is rolled and the character already possesses every spell in that cantrip category, the character must forego gaining a cantrip at that time (another campaign may prefer to allow the character to re-roll).

Illusionary Cantrip Tables

Illusionary Spell Tables

Spells Gained
Spells are more powerful than cantrips. As shown in the table below, 1st level illusionists begin with three first level spells, which may be chosen from the 1st level spell list. Unlike other systems, illusionists in my world cannot change or alter their spells daily. The list of spells they possess for their characters are the only spells those characters understand. Thus they must choose carefully at each level, then make the best use of the spells they possess as they can.

Spells are gained at the illusionist progresses in level:

The table above shows the number of spells gained at each level and the total number of spells the character should have.

Illusionists rely upon spellbooks to store the complexity of their magic. To learn their spells, they must study the pages of these books. Illusionists and mages depend greatly upon the maintenance and care of these books; losing a spellbook is a very unfortunate affair.

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