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Illusionist (class)

These most unusual spellcasters are students of illusionary magic whose cognitive powers are much higher than the typical character. The imagination and creativeness required of illusionists astounds the onlooker, as this class and its magic is unusually rare indeed … which perhaps explains why those of this class often turn to a reclusive life, the most powerful using illusion to conceal themselves.

Identifying themselves as passionately interested in the esoteric arts, illusionists are most likely to be found studying in libraries, experimenting in laboratories, probing the characteristics of the natural world as scientists or conducting inquiries into the nature of the mind. Possessed of such high intelligence, they are rarely distracted by the ordinary day-to-day activities of common folk.

To Become a Illusionist

The primary attribute of the illusionist is intelligence. Illusionists may be gnomes and human.

To become a illusionist, a character must have these minimum ability stats:
  • 6 strength
  • 12 intelligence
  • 6 wisdom
  • 16 dexterity
  • 6 charisma

Multi-classed illusionists must have a minimum intelligence of 15. Illusionists gain no experience bonuses. The table shown describes the necessary experience to claim each level of the illusionist, gaining hit dice and further abilities. Each level above 10th requires 220,000 additional experience. Illusionists gain 1 h.p. per level above 10th, but as this is not an increase in hit dice, further constitution bonuses are not accrued. Illusionists cannot progress beyond 26th level. [experience table]

Illusionists receive illusionist cantrips & spells at each level. They also possess unique combat abilities and sage abilities. Players wishing to become a illusionist should familiarize themselves with these characteristics.

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