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Mage (class)

While perhaps the most powerful individuals in the game world, mages are often viewed with suspicion by other members of society. After all, a being that has magic at one’s beck and call might enable that person to flick us out of existence with a few words and a pointed finger. Thus mages are often treated with disdain and resentment ~ which causes many mages to bear their own grudge against the common folk.

Still, the practice of magic is important for protecting the welfare of the state against the casting of magic by others. High level mages are often treated as a deterrent by kings and prime ministers, to the point where a mage can feel almost a slave. Many mages will purposefully drop out of sight, to seek their own path of discovery, surrounding themselves with friends, henchmen and hirelings as needed.

To Become a Mage

The primary attribute of the mage is intelligence. Mages may be elves, half-elves and human.

To become a mage, a character must have these minimum ability stats:
  • 9 intelligence
  • 6 wisdom
  • 6 constitution
  • 7 dexterity
  • 6 charisma

Multi-classed mages must have a minimum intelligence of 15. To gain a +10% experience bonus, the mage must have a minimum intelligence of 16. The table shown describes the necessary experience to claim each level of the mage, gaining hit dice and further abilities. Each level above 11th requires 375,000 additional experience. Mages gain 1 h.p. per level above 11th, but as this is not an increase in hit dice, further constitution bonuses are not accrued. Mages cannot progress beyond 29th level. [experience table]

Mages receive mage cantrips & spells at each level. They also possess unique combat abilities and sage abilities. Players wishing to become a mage should familiarize themselves with these characteristics.

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