Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Puissance (sage study)

The title based on the magical item, the Manual of Puissant Skill at Arms, the study describes a collection of enhanced weapon skills and combat proficiencies that enable the individual to act as a stronger individual combatant. Many of these adjustments are minor and limited to specific weapons and specific circumstances, but on the whole the training the study gives to a combatant will increase prowess at arms.


  • Close Drop: reduces the likelihood that combatants will drop a weapon outside of the hex in which they are fighting.
  • Gain Proficiency: character begins with one more proficiency than is otherwise normal.
  • Hereditary Weapon I: character receives a +1 bonus to-hit when using the most familiar weapon of their place of birth.
  • Shield as a Weapon: enables the character to use the shield as a weapon, causing 1d4 damage per hit.
  • Strengthened Arm: the character is able to hurl weapons a greater distance than normal.


  • Draw Speed: decreases the penalty incurred by firing a bow more quickly, while improving the time in which a crossbow can be loaded.
  • Feinting: the art of causing an enemy to move towards a hex where the combatant does not wish to be.
  • Hereditary Weapon II: character receives a +1 bonus to-hit and a +1 bonus to damage when using the most familiar weapon of their place of birth.
  • Main-gauche: the use of a dagger, rather than a shield, in parrying attacks.
  • Precise Hit (suspended)
  • Reduced Proficiency Penalty: the combatant's proficiency penalty is lessened by 1 point.


  • Berserk: enables the combatant to berserk if reduced to 1 hit point or less.
  • Improved Dual-wielding: reduces the penalties in fighting with two weapons of various types.
  • Off-handed Cast: enables the combatant to throw a hurled weapon equally well with either hand.


  • Full Berserk: the character is able to berserk at will for a brief period.

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