Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Acceptance (sage ability)

By means of this ability, either through charisma or by grovelling in such a manner as to seem harmless (even if the character has an absurdly low charisma), the character will be able to form a brief relationship with an official, administrator or person of authority, in order to obtain information.

This relationship may be initiated so long as the character is able to directly approach the person of influence, either by engaging them in a reasonable conversation (which can be lightly role-played) or through finding a place as some sort of servant or employee (and thus being in the same room for a time). The relationship cannot last longer than it takes to ask three questions or for the length of a day, whichever is accomplished first. After this time, the official will begin to doubt the presence of the character, asking that they depart or be removed.

Any question can be asked and will be answered, but it is probable that any distinctly obvious question that will later cause the official to reconsider the experience may lead to a search for the character no sooner than the day after the information was gotten. Therefore, it is suggested that characters be subtle in the questions they ask, to avoid such consequences.

See Guile

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