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Conspiracy (sage ability)

Having gained this ability, the character will have realized the likelihood of a conspiracy relating to the period or location of the character's knowledge. This conspiracy will be provided to the player by the DM with the following characteristics:
  • That some agreement has been made between two or more groups
  • That the purpose of this agreement would be to conceal an important matter from the general population
  • That the matter in question should violate either the law or the local principles of morality
  • That knowledge is had of innocent persons having suffered due to the conspiracy's actions
  • The conspiracy must be relative to the character's knowledge of history in the period or region where the character has accumulated 40 points
  • In some manner, the conspiracy must still be relative to events going on in the present, even if it began in ancient times
  • The character will have a reasonably clear idea how to further investigate the truth or scope of the conspiracy

Regarding the knowledge of any conspiracy that is gained through this ability (as opposed to stumbling across conspiracies during the course of adventuring), the chances of the conspiracy being true are 95%. The majority of false conspiracies will nevertheless include elements - events that have happened, details about personal behavior - that are disturbing or, at the very lease, discouraging.

Regarding the manner in which the conspiracy may be pursued, the DM should keep in mind that there are always persons who wish to expose the conspiracy, persons who are usually ignored. There may also be places where evidence of the conspiracy may be more apparent, if the character were to go there and 'poke about.' Finally, persons who are involved in conspiracies tend to make mistakes, being caught in some activity that reveals the truth about what's happening to those who can sift through the clues.

The DM is encouraged to use all three methods to put the character on the scent, should the character wish to dig further into the matter.

The character will identify further conspiracies; it is recommended that the DM indicate a new conspiracy to the character every 2d4 (2-8) sessions.

See the link at the top of this page for more details on conspiracies in general.

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