Saturday, March 3, 2018

Creativity (sage study)

A study that describes the capacity to create wholly original art.

For bards to produce art, they must possess sufficient knowledge points in creativity. This should not be taken as "knowing" how to be creative as opposed to not, but rather as having enough experience in being creative that there is a growing possibility that the bard will be able to create an artwork that is original ~ be it a song, a poem, a movement, a type of performance or whatever.

Because creativity is wholly theoretical, however, bards that possess sufficient creativity to be considered amateurs but who have no other amateur-level studies are unable to produce anything concrete. At best, they are able to think art. Because of this, it is probable that most players will take creativity as their first study ~ since it may be until they are 2nd or 3rd level, even higher, before they would be able to apply it.


  • Inspiration: identifying the experiences that enable a bard to reach within themselves in order to create art.
  • Make Art: enables the bard to create an object of art, as opposed to product.
  • Metacognition: the greater ability to think about thinking, enabling the bard to better deconstruct their work and create more quickly.
  • Noesis: the power of acute observation based upon deduction, discernment and perception.

See Bard's Sage Abilities

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