Monday, March 5, 2018

Death's Door (spell)

Range: touch
Duration: permanent; see below
Area of Effect: 1 creature
Casting Time: 2 rounds
Saving Throw: none; see below
Level: cleric (3rd)

Snatches back to life a leveled creature who has been killed, so long as their hit points have not dropped below -19, or a non-leveled creature whose hit points have not dropped below -9.

The recipient of the spell will be returned to zero hit points. Recipients will not be able to take any action after being returned until 5 rounds have passed. Please take note that if a character's death occurred while injured or due to damage causing injury, the character will remain injured following the application of the spell.

Once those five rounds have passed, the creature may act normally.

The spell retains the power to preserve creatures only so long as they have been killed less than 1 hour per level of the cleric.

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