Friday, March 30, 2018

Faculty (sage ability)

An exceptional capacity for recognizing the presence of a cabal within an close-knit community that is observed over a number of days. This is done by connecting the local customs and apparent behavior of the residents with historical records and notes describing the manner in which certain cabals are organized. The character will be able to guess at who may be a member of the cabal and who may be under the cabal's authority.

While the faculty for such knowledge does not allow any special social ability to communicate with members of the cabal, the character is in possession of information regarding what cabal it probably is, what their goals are and why they are probably operating in the area. If the matter is approached delicately and the character gives complete approval of the cabal's activities, the character's faculty will cause members of the cabal to consider the character as a potential member. Depending on the manner in which this was played in the campaign, the character would need to prove their loyalty and commitment to the cabal before any actual membership was approved.

See History

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