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Fame (sage ability)

This is a rating that describes the level of recognition and public attention that a bard has the potential to gain over time. The rating is kept deliberately difficult to achieve, so as to ensure that bards are likely to be fairly high level before obtaining the least notariety.

Bards receive fame in a variety of ways, most likely by performing, publishing or otherwise placing objects of their design into the hands of famous persons. It is easier to become famous as a performer than as a crafter of goods; however, a single lucky moment of recognition can produce wonderous advantages where fame is concerned.

The fame rating is a measure of 1 to 100,000 points, the latter indicating that the individual's name is likely to be immediately recognizable anywhere within a given continent, at least among educated persons. For the most part, there will always be a large majority of uneducated persons who have no idea who the individual is. As well, in greatly different cultures (such as goblinish or orcish cultures, the Orient vs. the Occidental, the Old World vs. the New and so on), there is bound to be some lack of recognition.

For a bard to receive a 1% chance of being recognized in a given kingdom, the bard must accumulate 100 points of fame within that kingdom. For the bard to receive a 1% chance of being recognized across an entire continent, the bard must accumulate 1,000 points of fame.

Fame is gained slowly at lower levels, as a bard cannot rely upon having the necessary creativity, skill at performance, backing from agents and producers and overall resources to produce great works of art that are likely to bring fame. Nevertheless, every point counts. The amount of fame points that a bard receives will be described in other abilities that produce fame.

See Performance

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