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Logistics (sage study)

Provides detailed knowledge on the many elements of managing supply chains, supporting a long-term campaign or providing benefits even to small parties. The organization and procurement of materials is a combination of hard work, common sense, compromise and even what may appear to be sleight of hand, where it comes to obtaining things that seem impossible to obtain.

Logistics leaves it up to the player to decide how best to employ the skills that are provided by the study.


  • Bargaining: skill at negotiating prices with the seller of goods in order to obtain a better deal on a transaction. 
  • Butchering: skill in slaughtering, dressing and preserving meat from livestock, game and fish.
  • Dowse for Water: a type of divination employed in locating ground water.
  • Foraging: improved ability to find vegetables, roots, fruits and nuts in a wilderness environment.
  • Herding: skill at gathering animals together and moving them from place to place, with skill at mustering.
  • Steadfast: devotion and faithfulness to a cause, enabling the character to exceed at ordinary tasks.
  • Teamstering: skill at the employment of common domestic farm animals, as beasts of burden, plow teams or as teams to pull carts, wagons or carriages.
  • Tinkering: skill at repairing and strengthening ordinary items.


  • Bartering: enables an even exchange of goods within a given market archetype.
  • Black Market: accessing the underground economy, enabling a clandestine purchase or sale.
  • Construction: road, fortification and dam building, siege weapon building.
  • Hunting: locating, tracking and successfully bringing down small game in order to serve as a food supply.
  • Riverman: able to function as a river pilot, with skill derived from familiarity with rivers.
  • Supply Raiding: locating and obtaining bulk goods that can be carried away at no cost.
  • Scrounging: locating items and materials that cannot be found on the equipment list.

See Fighter Sage Abilities


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