Monday, March 26, 2018

Mistletoe I (sage ability)

Allows the cultivation of mistletoe in order to obtain perfect berries of limited magical potential. The cultivation of mistletoe is a long, lengthy process. If the character joins the campaign with this skill, that character may choose to have already created a mistletoe vine in the locality where he or she has been inserted into the campaign. This vine cannot be moved and will continue to thrive unless destroyed; but the character must tend to the plant for six weeks before it can yield a 'perfect' berry.

New plants in new localities may be started with a sprig of mistletoe; the starting process is important, so finding a randomly existing mistletoe plant in the wild will never produce a perfect berry, even if tended. The starting process requires two years, after which the mistletoe will produce 2-8 perfect berries every six weeks. From the first, the mistletoe requires 2 days of tending each month, no more than 20 days apart (else the development process will be extended by a full month or a crop of perfect berries will not be produced).

These berries have various magical qualities that will aid in giving power to shillelaghs and in wand making. At the amateur level of ability, eating a berry in the hour before a battle will give individuals a +1 initiative in their first confrontation. Berries may be consumed throughout a single day to repeat this bonus.

See Flowers & Sprigs

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