Sunday, March 25, 2018

Normal Pace

In movement, the speed normally travelled by a combatant, where 1 action point (AP) is necessary to cover a distance of 1 hex. Normal pace is the default speed during combat. While the speed may be seem slow compared to a stroll in the park, this movement takes the combatant's caution, attention to detail and awareness of the movement of others on the battlefield into account. As the player character has a perfect awareness of what his or her companions are up to, this is also taken into account, slowing the combatant's pace.

A heavily encumbered character may be greatly reduced in the number of AP they possess in a given round, reducing their speed to less than one foot per second. This is also meant to emphasize the difficulty in acting under a heavy load and being situationally aware of all that is going on around the combatant.

Normal pace permits a high flexibility of movement, as shown in the unarmored Caleb's movement. As he is lightly encumbered, he possesses 5 AP per round. Beginning in hex 0304, he can quickly change direction as often as he wishes, moving through 0204, 0203, 0302 and 0303 before completing his move in 0403. Since normal pace possesses little momentum, Caleb can pivot, spin, turn back on his own path or whatever, literally 'walking in circles.' A change in facing costs no AP! The cost is the same as if Caleb had moved directly forward.

Obviously, Caleb is not required to take this route - though there may be a specific reason he needed to observe things that could only be spied from 0204 or 0302, or to avoid setting off a trap by carefully following a route that depresses certain floor stones underfoot (which also would not cost AP).

Faster movement may be accomplished through running. In order to run the next round, the combatant must expend at least 50% of the AP in moving forward (in one direction), regardless of the combatant's actual speed. Thus, if the combatant only has 2 AP total, and spends 1 of them moving forward, then that combatant will be able to break into a run the next round. On the other hand, if a combatant had 5 AP and only spent 2 AP moving forward, then running the next round would not be an option.

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