Saturday, March 3, 2018

Performance (sage study)

A bardic study available to bards whose focus is acting, circus, dance, music, poetry and puppetry.

Describes an encounter in which the bard presents works to an audience. This may manifest in a variety of ways, depending upon the art form employed. In every case, the bard decides what is presented to the audience ~ the reaction received is largely dependent upon the bard's level of skill and the quality of the material presented.

Performance is meant to be for the audience's benefit, though it may also benefit the bard as well. Most audiences will prefer to see or hear work that is familiar, or at least of a type that fits with their expectations. As such, work that is pragmatic and creative will be favored by audiences over work that is conceptual.


  • Martial MusicA bardic skill in playing musical strains on a musical instrument with such force and effect as to inspire combatants.
[music, poetry]
  • Fame: expresses the accumulation of notoriety through performance.
  • Repertoire: a collection of known poems, not of the poet's making, that are bound to be received favorably by an audience.
  • Repose: to obtain a state of calm and disconcern in a moment of considerable stress, enabling one to appear natural in public.
  • Vigor: to obtain a rush of satisfaction and pleasure from the moment of performance.
  • Extemporize: the ability to compose offhand, in a makeshift and often humorous way, so as to amuse an audience.

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