Saturday, March 31, 2018

Predict Meteor Events (sage abilities)

Allows accurate prediction of meteor showers, celestial events in which the earth passes through a stream of cosmic debris. The knowledge provides prediction of the intensity of the meteor shower as well. Intensity is a measure of the number of shooting stars that appear in the space of an hour and the number of specific stars that display an impressive track. A given meteor shower will be (determined by 2d6) Spirited (2-9), Profound (10), Fiery (11) or Blazing (12).

Typically, there will be one meteor shower per month. In February, March, April, May, June, July and September, roll a d30 to determine ahead of time the specific day (which the knowledgeable character will predict). The remaining five months of the calendar have famous meteor showers, known by name. These will occur the day before, the day of or the day after (randomly) these dates given in the right hand table. The intensity modifier in each case is added to the 2d6 roll to determine the meteor shower's intensity.

On the night when a meteor shower occurs, at least an hour after the sun has set and at least an hour before dawn, if the sky is clear and if a druid is casting outside, then the shower will affect the power of a druid's magic. Profound showers will raise the druid's level by 1 with respect to already possessed spells; Fiery showers by 2 levels; and Blazing showers by 3 levels. Meteor showers will not affect casting by any other class, nor will they allow the druid access to more spells due to adjusted level.

See Natural Astronomy

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