Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Senses I (sage ability)

Indicates a level of awareness slightly above others, giving the benefit of a +1 bonus when operating in various situations, described below. The list is, at this time, by no means complete; other possibilities may present themselves after a period of game play.
  • In conditions where illumination is limited, the character's sight would reduce penalties by 1 point.
  • Prior to drinking an ingested poison, the character is entitled to a saving throw against poison at +1.
  • When there is a danger in setting off a trap, the character gains +1 to wisdom checks (but not dexterity).
  • When encountering areas where the odor within the setting would be extraordinary (defecation, a dead body, sulphur, a skunk, etcetera), the character should be able to detect the odor easily at a distance of 11 to 18 hexes (10 +1d8).

See Heightened Senses

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