Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Setting & Removing Traps (sage study)

Self-evident. Effectively the traditional thieving ability to create and disable traps.

The ability to set up mechanical devices for the purpose of retaining, damaging, wounding, injuring or killing unwanted trespassers or unsuspecting victims, preferably in a fashion where the character need not be present when the trap goes off.

Even simple traps require materials which must be purchased in sufficient supply before a trap can be created. This material is considered damaged in the process of making a trap (whether or not it is discharged), though about 25% of the materials of any trap can be salvaged if the character is in a mind to do so, in dismantling a trap. Characters are considered absolutely qualified to dismantle traps of their own creation, but traps created by others can present a problem.

The ability includes a knowledge for removing traps.

This page is a placeholder for further details.

See Thief Sage Abilities

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