Saturday, March 31, 2018

Snatch & Grab (sage ability)

A graceless pickpocketing skill, used almost always by low-ranking thieves. In effect, an object is stolen from the body without any attempt to hide the fact that the item is being stolen. However, the snatch is also timed to create the best possible chance of surprise in the victim, giving the character time enough to run away without being caught.

The chance for surprise is 4 in 6 for a pickpocket with less than 30 points of knowledge. At 30 points of knowledge and better, however, the chance for surprise goes up to 5 in 6. If surprise does occur, the lightly encumbered pickpocket will get five hexes away before initiative can be judged, perhaps three times (by running) before the victim can begin pursuit.

See Pickpocketing

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