Saturday, March 31, 2018

Vigor (sage ability)

The experience of performing in front of a live audience will give a bard a boost to their confidence and sense of self. This relies upon the performance going well (see Repertoire). If it does, the bard will possess a series of positive modifiers that can be applied to other ventures.

In effect, the bard will receive a +1 modifier to every roll the bard makes, until such time as a roll fails. This includes to hit rolls, rolls for fumbles and damage, ability checks, saving throws and so on, as well as rolls that are specific to bard sage abilities. Note that some rolls, such as damage caused by weapons, do not possess a "failure" element.

Once the bard does fail a roll, however (by failing to hit or not succeeding against an ability), then the gift is lost until the next time a performance can be given.

See Performance

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