Saturday, April 14, 2018

Agitate (speech)

An effort that can be undertaken by any character who has gained the rapt attention of a crowd in excess of 20 persons. Rapt attention is defined as a pre-established willingness of the crowd to willfully acknowledge the character's desires. Rapt attention may be gained through deed, personal authority over the crowd or an attempt to initiate a grassroots movement.

Agitation is a call for passively obtained justice through ordinary political channels, using influence and debate over a period of time. To encourage the crowd to participate, the character must make an intelligence check.

If the check fails, it will indicate that after the character's speech there followed a lengthy period where the crowd discussed the issue, debated and deliberated upon it, but ultimately come the next day no true resolution was reached. At this point, the attempt to initiate the crowd to success is considered a failure and the opportunity is lost.

If the intelligence check is successful, however, then a resolution has been reached and the crowd that is present that day will begin a peaceful grassroots movement on their own accord. The character should then judge the eventual size of the movement at ten times the size of the crowd that gathered to hear the character speak.

This final number should then be compared as a percentage of the total population of the smallest political entity that surrounds it. This percent then becomes the chance of the local powers fully adopting the proposed policy. This roll is then made one month after the movement has reached their resolution.

If the roll should fail, then another roll is made three months after the movement's resolution. Another roll is then made 9 months after the resolution, then 27 months, then 81 months and so on, until such time as the resolution passes or the matter is simply put off endlessly.

No negative consequences shall be brought against the initiating character.

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