Saturday, April 7, 2018

Camel (wild)

There are two species of camel: the one-humped dromedary, which inhabits the Arabian peninsula, the horn of Africa and is found throughout the Sahel, and the two-humped Bactrian, which is found throughout central Asia, from the Gobi Desert to the Caspian Sea. In both cases, the habitat is arid plains and hills where water is scarce and little vegetation exists. Shrubs are their main food source.

Wild camels travel over long distances, seeking water in places close to mountains where springs are found. They will band tightly against predators, defending themselves with a hard kick that may be delivered from any foot, either aggressively or as the camel takes flight.

If pressed, a camel will also spit, regurgitating some of its stomach contents as it does. The spit will need to hit armor class 10, but if it does, creatures will be stunned, including falling back a hex. If a save is not made, they will be nauseous for 1-2 additional rounds, during which time they will be unable to fight. Once spitting, camels will move off at normal speed rather than fight.

Wild camels are often hunted for their hide and their meat. Persons with knowledge will be able to catch and domesticate these animals.

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