Sunday, April 8, 2018

Crayfish (giant)

These immense creatures are found on the shorelines and sodden areas adjacent to freshwater lakes and tropical nyanzas, up to fifty feet below the water's surface. They also dwell in drowned swamps. Giant crayfish are largely scavaging creatures, but if disturbed they have been known to attack.

Crayfish will sometimes rush forward, usually launching themselves out of deep water, to seize prey moving upon a small boat or next to the shore. If encountered emerging from the water like this, they will surprise on a 1-3 out of 6. When attacking, they will always focus both their claws on the same target.

If either claw individually succeeds in stunning an opponent, it will have caught hold of that creature in a grip that will not loosen. The crayfish will then begin to move away, all the way to the water if necessary, until it is able to consume its victim; meanwhile, the crushed victim will suffer 1-4 damage per round. The crayfish's claw can be loosened if the crayfish is successfully stunned.

The meat from a giant crayfish is edible and can, if preserved or transported to a market within 4 to 5 hours, be sold for a good price.

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