Sunday, April 8, 2018

Frog (giant killer)

These vicious carnivorous frog-like humanoids, sometimes called "froglings," dwell in wet temperate climes as far north as the 60th parallel.  They dwell in forest bogs and subterranean caverns.  Their origin is uncertain but is definitely ancient; some say there is a relationship between killer frogs and slaad.

The creatures possess sharp teeth and talons, but are also able to use weapons.  Where possible, they prefer the use of rough adamantite metal to make spears and shields. Some groups use both crossbows and bows.  They are cannibalistic of their own kind and are known to eat other humanoids.

They have exceptional jumping abilities, however, able to leap up to 15 feet in addition to their normal movement, particularly in their initial attack.

The skin of a killer frog is a dark, greenish blue, with grey streaks that follow along their blood veins.  Orange coloring appears on some species.

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