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Functionary (sage ability)

The ability of the character to be posted or otherwise placed into a position of authority within the entity of which the character has knowledge. In effect, the character chooses which role they desire, within the limitations of their influence and the time required to gain recognition within the existing power struggle.

The character begins by comparing their total influence against the requirements shown in the table below. Having chosen the desired position, the character begins campaigning - speaking, encouraging others to speak, working on projects or distributing bribes in order to gain the attention of the individual who will assign the character to that position.

Positions require 1 week of campaigning per 25 influence points the position requires. A character must spend at least 50% of their time campaigning. Characters may, if they wish, seek lesser positions than the one desired, holding those positions while campaigning (which may be done 'on the job'). Thus a character wishing to be a crown prosecutor (49 weeks of campaigning) could spend much of that time working as a constable, a bailiff, master of the watch and a barrister in succession while waiting to be posted.

Some positions require more than influence. An executioner must also be a fighter; a prosecutor must have 20 points of knowledge in the practice of law; a master of the revels must be a bard and so on. Apprentices and journeymen must have fathers who possessed a given trade (see character background).

The positions above are divided into three groups - low level, requiring up to 400 influence; mid-level, requiring between 441 and 1600 influence; and high level, requiring 2025 influence or more. These levels determine how many days a character must spend working over a given two month period. Characters who do not work the requisite number of days risk punishment due to incompetence.

The total number of work days varies for each level of employment, modified by the intelligence, wisdom and charisma of the character. For each level, the base number of working days is 60 every two months. The total is then reduced as indicated:
  • Low: subtract intelligence
  • Mid: subtract intelligence & wisdom
  • High: subtract intelligence, wisdom & charisma

While the character may juggle their work so as to have days off when they choose (rules may be written at a later time to describe special circumstances during a crisis), putting off too many work-days may result in the character coming up short where the total number of days is assessed at the end of the two month period. Injury, sickness and delays may result in an adventuring player failing to return in time to complete their requisite responsibilities - this is a matter that should be considered by the character desiring a position of responsibility.

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