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Magical, winged statuesque monsters of low intelligence, found in ruins and caves. Gargoyles possess stonelike skin with the strength of chainmail, giving them an armor class of 5. Gargoyles may be carved from stone and imbued with magic - in some respects like a golem - but they are generally weaker and more animalistic creatures. Most gargoyles have the appearance of an animal, often displaying draconic, serpentine, leonine or batlike features.

Being magical, gargoyles do not reproduce and, if remaining in a dry environment, are immortal (they can of course still be killed). Wind, snow and stormy weather may wear at a gargoyle over the years, smoothing out its features and eroding it, but this only gives it a slimmer appearance. Gargoyles can be shattered by humongous boulders or falling rocks, and so generally prefer high, open locations. Gargoyles are capable of flight but reserve this ability for when they can ambush an intruder by dive-bombing and attacking with with their claws, bite and sharp tail. A cluster of gargoyles may attack as a pack like wolves, flanking from many sides before flying back before their target can respond. Gargoyles can only be harmed by +1 or better weapons, and hence will pick off spellcasters first in combat before concerning themselves with weapon users.

Though gargoyles' magical nature precludes a need for sustenance, they nonetheless may swallow small rodents, insects and birds who believe the gargoyle to be inanimate. Victims of the gargoyle are liquefied in the gargoyle's digestive cavity and then vomited forth as water, which perpetually drips from the gargoyle's jaws but is in all respects harmless.

Gargoyles may be tasked by a mage or cleric to guard some treasure or passageway, and are capable of remaining completely still for months while doing so, in a state of hibernation. As they have no need to do so, gargoyles do not leave their lair for any reason.

An aquatic variety of gargoyle exists and can be found lairing in undersea caves, known as a kopoacinth. It is unaffected by the water in which it dwells, and can use its wings to swim, but otherwise conforms to the typical gargoyle in all aspects.

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