Saturday, April 14, 2018

Line of Sight (naval combat)

Because we are speaking of a D&D world, in which cannon do not exist, the "broadside" primarily describes the number of archers that can sight an enemy free the obscuring masts and sails. Occupants of a forecastle or stern castle cannot see enemy ships though the middle of the ship; for this reason, all line-of-sight for firing weapons at an enemy must be considered non-existent if drawn in any direction except directly outwards from the ship.

Note also that line of sight can never be drawn through an enemy ship. For game purposes, consider any attempt to hit a ship that is past a nearer ship is not a possibility (due not only to whether the farther ship can be seen - which is possible - but that its range is impossible to judge with respect to movement of the attackers' ship, the targeted ship and the ship in between the two ships. Therefore, we dispense with that situation and accept that ships can 'hide' behind other ships.

Furthermore, targets cannot be fired at through land hexes or destroyed hulks either.

See Naval Warfare

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