Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Steadfast (sage ability)

This is a placeholder for a number of rules that are bound to come up during the course of the campaign to which it might apply. At present, however, I have but one application, and a small one at that. But I am open to suggestions: write me at

Describes an habitual nature that has arisen from long and arduous experience in the mustering of supplies and the support of large-scale operations. The character is able to endure long hours of labor, unpleasant periods of boredom, the tedious repetition of arduous tasks and the slow and steady momentum associated with travel and the moving of animals and equipment.

If the character possesses any of the other skills below, certain benefits will also be gained from being steadfast.  Steadfast does not by itself grant any of these skills, and the bonuses do not accrue unless the ability is otherwise possessed.
  • On Guard. Characters receives a one-hour bonus to the time they are ordinarily able to stand on guard. A non-fighter, for example, would be able to endure 2 hours; a fighter would last 4 hours; a character whose parent was a guard would be able to endure 5 hours before losing focus.

See Logistics

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