Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Predict Beasts (sage ability)

Allows limited prediction of a beast's attack and movement, a skill gained through the protective transmission of knowledge from outside the character's mental ken.  In the case of a cleric, this is clearly a case of protection by a greater power (the cleric's deity) ~ and such is the case with characters of other classes, believers or not.  The character's benefit from this knowledge is inherent, so that the knowledge exists when needed.

When in melee with a beast, the character will know if the animal intends to attack the character, and with what part of its body: fang, tail, claw and so on ~ or if it will exempt the character during the next round.  The character will also know if the beast intends to take flight, give ground or use a special attack (say, a breath weapon) during the creature's next round.  The character can then act on this information in whatever way that is possible (give warning, run, attack or take another action).

The knowledge gives full ability of all the beast's next round, but only in relation to the character. The character may know that the beast will attack someone else, but will not know who, specifically.

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