Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Weapons List

A complete list of weapons for my game are as follows:


  • battle axe: includes the military fork. Breaks will affect the handle 9 times out of 10.
  • bola: designed to take down humanoid creatures up to 350 lbs. in weight. If the thrower successfully hits AC 0, the balls and rope of the bola will wrap around the creature's body. The creature must make saving throw versus petrification or else the bola will trap the arms against the torso and the creature will be helpless. Otherwise, the creature has had the legs wrapped by the bola and will be able work free in 2-5 rounds. All other hits will simply cause damage.
  • corseque: includes the spetum.
  • crossbow: link details about loading and design.
  • flail (horse): includes the horseman’s mace and the horseman’s pick.
  • glaive: includes the couteaux de Breche, fauchard and partisan.
  • guisarme: includes the bardiche, bill, bill-guisarme, bill-hook, chauves souris, glaive-guisarme, guisarme-voulge, lochaber axe, lucerne hammer, ranseur, ransom, rhonca, roncie, runka, scorpion and voulge.
  • javelin: link details use.
  • lance: indicates the damage done when used from a light horse. When using the lance on a medium warhorse, add 1 point to the damage. When used from a heavy warhorse (including the paladin's warhorse), add +2. When the lance is used in charging, damage is doubled. The lance is too heavy or cumbersome to use as a hand-to-hand weapon; it must be balanced upon a carriage attached to the horse's harness.
  • mace: includes the holy water sprinkler.
  • pike: includes the bec de corbin, Bohemian ear-spoon and fauchard-fork.
  • scimitar: includes the cutlass, sabre, sickle-sword and tulwar.
  • spear: link details use.

Missile Weapons

Thrown and hurl ranges are given below, in hexes:

Thus, if the combatant is throwing a dart at an opponent that is 10 hexes away, the range would be considered medium - but if a dagger were thrown at the same distance, the range would be considered long. Modifiers to hit due to range are as follows:

point blank = add 1
short = no adjustment
medium = subtract 2
long = subtract 5

Weapons cannot be thrown at targets immediately in front of a combatant (range 1 hex), as the combatants at this range are considered to be in hand-to-hand combat with one another.

For details on armor, see Armor List.

See Combat


  1. Armor List points to this page, rather than the actual armor list.

    Also, it looks like there are some slight range errors for bows and javelins' short/medium ranges.

  2. I've fixed the link. I'll fix the table in a little bit.

  3. The table has been corrected now also ... thank you Tim.


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