Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Cultivate Mushroom (sage ability)

The practice of growing mushrooms in order to produce food or sources for the making of medicinal cures. Mushrooms are not plants and require different conditions for optimal growth. This can include the employment of creatures such as leafcutter ants, termites, beetles and snails to promote growth.

Instead of seeds, mushrooms produce asexually through spores; it is the contamination of spores that make mushroom growing difficult, as it can destroy a whole crop. Cultivating mushrooms therefore requires a controlled environment and labor. Typical cultivation rooms are 200 square feet in area, requiring a day of tending (8 hours) every seven days. For each day after 10 days of not tending the crop, there is a 10% chance of the spores becoming contaminated, initiating a disease that will destroy 10% of the crop every three days.

Yield is 50 lbs. of mushrooms per month. If poisonous mushrooms are grown, 3 lbs. of fungi mass can be substituted for vegetable matter in making ingestive poisons.

See Fungi

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