Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Dust (cantrip)

Range: 10 ft.
Duration: permanent; see below
Area of Effect: 10 ft. radius sphere
Casting Time: 2 action points
Saving Throw: none

Removes fine dust and grit from exposed surfaces such as floors, shelves, walls and so on, as well as between moving parts such as axles and wheels, and from within mechanisms such as crossbows or locks.

Where applied to crossbows, the cantrip will make the mechanism work so well that the chance to hit with such a weapon will improve by +1 for three uses.

The cantrip does not collect dust, but instead casts it into another plane of existence. It will not do more than eliminate the barest surface layer of any dust-pile … thus it will have no appreciable effect upon piles of material such as gunpowder, pulverized sulphur, talc, etc. Nor will the cantrip in any way affect a conjured dust devil.

It will, however, remove footprints on any hard surface (stone, clay, hardwood) for the area of effect of the spell, confounding tracking animals 40% of the time—under certain circumstances, it may serve to confound trackers of intelligence also.

See Useful Cantrips

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