Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Pickpocketing (sage study)

Enables skill at stealing money or other valuables from a creature without any notice of the theft having occurred. The skill presupposes a knack for misdirection. For most pickpockets with the skill of an amateur or authority, the skill requires acting in public places where a large number of people moving can be utilized in order to jostle against victims and collect their valuables. Expanded ability at picking pockets will enable characters to take actions such as dipping into pockets or unclasping items such as necklaces and other jewelry.

Picking pockets does not award experience.


  • Appraisal I: enables the character to spot when a worthy item can be stolen.
  • Snatch & Grab: provides skill in knowing when something can be pulled or grabbed from a body.

See Thief Sage Abilities

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