Monday, March 26, 2018

Ritual Slaughter (sage ability)

Knowledge of the correct practice in slaughtering creatures for sacrifice and divination. In certain religions, ritual slaughter exists to ensure that certain animals are prepared in a manner appropriate for consumption (see Shechita or Jhatka). There are many possible forms of ritual slaughter, dependent upon various religions - no effort is made here to identify or codify each one - but searching the other wiki will serve in this aspect.

While the method does not allow the character to divine from the creature's entrails until such time as the character becomes an authority, the honor of butchering in the divination ritual will often be given to persons of this level of knowledge. It is sometimes believed that an animal meant for prognostication is 'cleaner' if the actual slaughter is accomplished by a neophyte who cannot spoil the reading.

The practice does extend to the sacrifice of humanoids for those religions where this practice is appropriate. In such cases, where the mere slaughter of the creature will glean providence from the gods - and where the slaughter is performed by a cleric - the act will convey a modifier to morale to those nearest (within 30'). This morale increase is +1, lasting for a period of 8 hours . . . and for that time there is no minimum on how low morale can be adjusted. Note that additional sacrifices beyond the first will not further improve morale of the followers - but will allow the closest followers to exchange places with those who did not gain the effect previously.

See Divination

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