Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Salt (cantrip)

Range: 10 ft.
Duration: permanent
Area of Effect: 1 cub.ft. per level
Casting Time: 2 action points
Saving Throw: none

Infuses the area of effect with a predetermined amount of salt, up to 3 oz. per level, which is then mixed into whatever is desired—foodstuffs, a troublesome weedpatch, meat, leather or furs needing preservation, etc.

Floors may also be made less slippery (up to one combat hex per level, up to what can be affected by the caster’s range).

The salt created by the cantrip will not occur independently of whatever is being infused, and so cannot be collected without effort. Water infused with salt can of course be left to evaporate, but the salt left behind would not be commercially valuable.

The cantrip will provide one individual’s daily salt requirement per level of the caster.

The spell will cause 1d4 damage to creatures that are sensitive to salt, such as leeches, slugs, eels, giant worms, etc.

See Useful Cantrips

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