Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Summon Insects (spell)

Range: 30 ft. +5 ft. per level
Duration: 1 round per level
Area of Effect: 1 combat hex per level
Casting Time: 2 rounds
Saving Throw: negates; see below

Summons flying and crawling insects that will rise from the ground and attack creatures within the area of effect. It will require one round after the discharge of the spell before the insects are able to mount their attack. After this, those attacked must make save vs. paralyzation or be harried by bites and stings.

Those that have made save will suffer 2 hp of damage, whereupon they will be free to escape from the insects. Others will be unable to do more than stagger randomly away from combat (at one hex per round) while the insects will continue to pursue for the duration of the spell. Every round, these victims will suffer 2 hp of damage.

Anyone - including the caster - that directly engages or helps a swarmed victim must make save vs. paralyzation or fall victim to the spell as well, gaining their own attackers. Note that others are entitled to an intelligence check before choosing to attack or help a fellow that is suffering from the spell.

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