Friday, March 23, 2018

Telescope Making I (sage ability)

Permits the making of a mirror and telescopic frame for a telescope not intended for use without first being mounted. The magnification of amateur-made telescopes may exceed 90x, but the size of such a telescope would be 10 feet in length. Most telescopes that are made will be 4 feet long with a magnification of 32x (termed a harbour telescope, used for identifying incoming ships rising above the horizon from a given port).

The time required to make a harbor telescope is judged to be 2 weeks (including making the frame that holds the telescopes mirrors). For each additional foot in length and corresponding magnification increase of 10x, double the length of time to manufacture - thus a six-foot long telescope with a magnification of 50x would require two months to fully construct.

(while this formula certainly bears NO relationship whatsoever with the actual manufacture of telescopes, or their magnification, I lack any meaningful, useful information for the making of various power and size telescopes with 17th century materials and techniques. Therefore, for gaming purposes only, the formula is purely practical).

Note that all telescopes made in my world are refracting telescopes - Robert Hook has not yet invented a functioning reflecting telescope.

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