Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Wrap (cantrip)

Range: 10 ft.
Duration: 1 week
Area of Effect: 1 cub.ft.
Casting Time: 2 action points
Saving Throw: none

Creates a strong and sturdy wrapping around single or multiple objects up to the area of effect. The material created by the cantrip is of a suitable type and thickness for the item to be wrapped—however, liquids may not be contained by the wrap cantrip.

The wrapping is thorough and does not permit access in any way to the contained items unless the cantrip is dispelled—which the caster may do at will. Alternately, the caster may create up to seven wrapped packages before the first one created dispels of its own accord.

Objects cannot extend through the wrapping, such as a wick or string—but the wrapping is typically soft and a tight string creates a firm groove which does not permit slipping … so wrappings are easily fixed to a character’s person.

Note that fire trap cannot be cast upon a wrapped package, as it has no "opening."

See Useful Cantrips

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