Saturday, April 21, 2018

A 01 ~ Greenland Sea

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An incomplete map, including a portion of the Greenland Sea.  Not shown is the coastline of Greenland on the left of the map, which would give the location of the Frum Strait, the body of water linking the Greenland Sea with the Arctic.  Spitsbergen is shown on the east.  The Atlantic Ocean extends southward from the bottom of the map.

Much of the sea shown is covered throughout the year by the Odden Ice shelf, extending eastward from Greenland and covering an area of 130,000 square miles.  The sea is very dangerous for ships except in the late Summer.  It is a popular hunting ground for the whaling industry at that time, but beasts of immense size and uncertain weather have caused many crews to disappear forever.

The resident population of Spitsbergen is uncertain; there are rumors of giants, titans, dragons or possibly demi-gods. The islands are avoided by ships except those in distress.  Some have reported landing on the islands and seen nothing, but no one who has said so has remained for more than a few days, nor ventured far inland.

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