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Alpacas are a smaller version of the guanaco and llama. They are timid animals. They are able to spit at opponents but as this is only saliva mixed with a little stomach acid, it is merely unpleasant. Apart from its hoof, which causes 1-4 damage, the alpaca can only protect itself with a wark - a high-pitched shrieking whine that will warn others in the herd. This wark will have no effect on creatures of greater than 3 intelligence - but it will put off a less intelligent creature (such as a trained dog or other predator) for a full two rounds, enabling the alpaca to flee.

Probable Encounters

#1 (timid): if approached to within 9-16 hexes, the animal will flee until it is separated by 70-80 hexes from the threat it
has encountered. Note that the creature will become quite agitated if approached to within 30 hexes . . . but it will not break until it is approached more closely or if it is attacked. The animal will avoid a clean miss, but if a missile hits its hide (better than AC 10 but not sufficient to hit AC 7) or actually causes damage, then the creature will flee as soon as it is able to do so.

#2 (curious): the creature will demonstrate a degree of curiousity; if there is truly no threat (no character has drawn a weapon), then the creature will move to within 2-8 hexes of a humanoid offering food or demonstrating kindness.

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