Monday, April 2, 2018

Ant (giant bull)

A solitary hermaphroditic ant that is very aggressive in attacking prey, the giant bull ant roams over a wide area, preferring to attack large prey. When prey is encountered, the creature will rush to attack, jumping up to 15 feet (3 hexes) at the end of its movement (this extra distance is created by the creature rushing forward with its AP, so there is no additional movement cost for the jump). The creature will leap over brush, pits, even walls up to 15' in height - for this reason they are viewed with terror by guards on watch. The giant bull ant prefers to attack at night.

It possesses what may be the most powerful insect sting in existence, delivering a dose of poison that will cause 12 damage per hit die or level of the recipient unless saved against and half that damage if the save is successful. Moreover, the poison causes a level of pain that makes it impossible for the victim to think for 24 hours due to the agony.

The poison is resistant to the use of herbs for treatment, causing the victim's constitution to be halved when making checks. Thus the poison often kills victims if the spell neutralize poison is not available. Note that even if the spell is used, the pain from the giant bull ant's sting will linger yet one more hour.

Virgin queens appear from colonies in January and mate from morning until afternoon; however, since mating is done singly, there is no swarm.

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