Monday, April 2, 2018

Ant (giant carpenter)

All initial encounters with giant carpenter ants will be with one individual that is foraging, found within 500 yards of the creature's nest. If it is approached within four hexes, the ant will attack, clicking as it does. This will be a signal for others of its kind to hear (the sound will be picked up over a distance of 150 yards).

Soon the party will hear clicking coming from multiple directions. After the first round of combat, an additional carpenter ant will appear every 1d4+1 rounds until all 3-12 are engaged in the fight. The ants will fight to the death.

Tracking skill is required to find the nest and the queen. The queen will be active, fighting as a huge, bloated carpenter ant (12 hit dice, d12/die, 1,300 lbs. in weight, with 4 AC, 1 attack for 3-18 points of damage and 2 AP), defended by a personal guard of 4 ants.

As carpenter ants will often pick up whole bodies of humanoids, the sort of metal goods that may be found on a body may be discovered in the lair (enzymes and other wet will destroy clothes, leather and less durable items).

Giant carpenter ants can be encountered in northern climes only between the months of May and September.

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