Thursday, April 5, 2018

Ape (gorilla)

Ground-dwelling herbivorous apes that inhabit the forests of central Africa. The gorilla's natural habitat covers tropical or subtropical forests. The mountain gorilla inhabits montane cloud forests, while lowland gorillas live in dense forests and lowland swamps and marshes, as low as sea level.

Gorillas move by knuckle-walking, although they sometimes walk bipedally for short distances while carrying or when fighting. The male is larger than the female, which weighs about 250 lbs. (d8/HD). The male's reach is tremendous, with an arm span that averages 8 feet. Gorillas are also tremendously strong, with a strength of 18/01. They have been known to use simple tools and even weapons, improvising a club from a fallen tree branch (thus gaining to hit and damage bonuses).

Gorillas live in groups called "troops," which tend to be composed of one adult male (known as a "silverback"), multiple females and their offspring. Multiple male troops occur. A silverback is typically more than 12 years old, and is named for the distinctive patch of silver hair on his back, which comes with maturity. Silverbacks also have large canine teeth that also come with maturity. A silverback's bite can cause as much as 3-15 or 3-18 damage. Other mature males will wander, hoping to establish their own groups by attracting females. Lone male gorillas are sometimes encountered.

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