Sunday, April 8, 2018

Dog (blink)

Though canine in appearance and even behaviour, the blink dog is not a natural creature to earth, but a common denizen of the Astral Plane, originating from the Tribal Gardens (including the concept of afterlife sometimes called a place of happy hunting grounds).  Their appearance on earth coincides with communication between faeries and the Astral Plane, as blink dogs are often asked to give aid or to act as transport to other realms of existence.  Brownies, sprites and pixies are small enough to ride blink dogs as they travel.

The blink dog is not a fearsome fighter, though they are as intelligent as many a human and know well enough how to use their abilities to advantage.  Because of their magic resistance, they rarely fear spellcasters ... while their natural ability to blink, similar to the 3rd level mage spell.  This ability is done without limitation.  Typically an entire blink dog pack will blink in waves of 3 to 5 animals, with others standing their ground to draw attackers who can then be attacked in turn from the rear by blinking dogs.  As the dogs are intelligent, they have grown effective in this strategy.

Likewise, an entire pack, if seriously challenged, will disappear all at once, as they have the ability to blink to the Astral Plane and remain there (unlike the mage spell).  However, blink dogs do not like to attack aggressively.  They will prefer to weaken and injure opponents; then blink to a distance of four combat hexes and cease attacking, to give the enemy a chance to back away.  Blink dogs will not attack an opponent that makes it clear they are unarmed.

Blink dogs can be understood through the spell or ability, speak with animals.

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