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Foraging (sage ability)

Indicates the character's ability to locate edible animal and vegetable matter ~ fish, bird's eggs, roots, fruits, nuts, honey and more ~ in a wilderness environment, beyond that which an ordinary person may find. The skill includes the character knowledge of when the product is ripe, what parts can be eaten safely and which cannot. The skill does not extend to finding mushrooms, a distinctly druidic ability.

Note that the skill provides no ability to forage for food in a subterranean setting.

In many ways the skill resembles arboriculture ~ however, there are important differences. The skill does not depend upon a forested or shrub environment, as animal material can be collected as well as vegetable. Therefore, the foraging skill is useful in deserts and even in polar regions. Additionally, the skill is not concerned with potential harm to the environment, and as such may be willing to sacrifice a tree or an animal's family in order to assure food.

The amount of food that can be found per day (1 to 10 hours of searching) is determined by the thickness of the vegetation, as shown on the table.

In those areas of scant foraging, there is a chance that the character may fail to find any food at all; in areas of easy foraging, however, food is common and abundant, and only takes time to locate.

The skill is distinct from hunting in that none of the animal foods that are found require the character to take aim with a weapon and hit anything while moving. It is distinct from fishing in that a line or net is not used. The sort of animal food that is found will be, as has already been mentioned, eggs of birds and other animals, grubs, beetles, shrimps, mollusks and so on.

See Scouting

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